Corporate Services

We provide corporate Onsite Massage / Chair Massage, Reflexology, Stress Management and Relaxation talks and workshops in Galway and surrounding counties.

The chair massage treatments are carried out in a special massage chair over the client's clothing and without the use of massage oils or lotions. The massage is a combination of Swedish and Indian Head Massage techniques, working on the back, shoulders, neck, scalp, arms and hands. All office massage and reflexology treatments are tailored to the individual. The reflexology treatments are carried out on a special reclining chair and the client must remove footwear and socks/tights.

The main benefits of the workplace massage treatments provided, is that they aid relaxation which is one of the most successful stress management tools available. They also help to relieve tension in the back, neck and shoulders, aid concentration and boost energy levels thus improving productivity. Providing the facility for employees can help to boost morale and motivation at work and the overall improvement in employee stress levels may lead to reduced absenteeism, saving the company the associated costs.

Treatment times vary between 10-30 minute sessions and timings can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the individual workplace.

Talks/Workshops on stress management and relaxation can also be arranged and these sessions can take the form of a half-day workshop or can be tailored to take place during a one hour lunch break, again, depending on the needs of the workplace.

The only committment required from the employer is provision of space to carry out the onsite massage corporate treatments and allowing the time/flexibility for employees to avail of the service.

Please contact me today if you would like further information on corporate massage/office massage in Galway.

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